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Wildlife belongs in nature… not your home.
Whether it’s bats, raccoons, birds, or other wildlife, we understand how important it is to make sure that they don’t cause problems or damage to your property. At Insecto, we are licensed, experienced and trained to handle and remove wildlife safely and efficiently.

Insecto offers wildlife removal services to areas on the East End of Long Island, including dead animal removal. We’ll take care of your wildlife problems quickly, safely and completely. We are licensed trappers, offering some of the best wildlife control services on Long Island. Our goal is to take care of you and your family by providing you with the solutions you need, giving you peace of mind every step of the way!



It goes without saying: Raccoons can cause serious problems. They’re strong, smart mammals that will rip openings into your house to find food and shelter. From feasting on your garbage to chewing on wires, raccoons will eat almost anything. Insecto has the wildlife removal services you need to keep raccoons at bay.

Brown Bat


Bat infestations can damage your home and put the health of your family at risk. While they don’t  often cause structural damage, their droppings and urine can damage wood, insulation and drywall. If you have a bat in your living space, Insecto will respond ASAP to remove the bat, sanitize your space and prevent reentering.



Opossums, also called Possums, are nocturnal marsupials that are rarely seen during the day. They feed on insects, grass, small mammals and dead animals. Opossums are seen as a threat because of the diseases and parasites they carry, like ticks & fleas. Contact Insecto today to keep your home and your family free of risk. 

Our goal at Insecto is to make you happy by providing you with phenomenal customer service and the best wildlife control services in The Hamptons. Keep your home wildlife-free by contacting us today.

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