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Rodent infestations are no joke and should be resolved as soon as possible! At Insecto, we use a three-step rodent removal process to ensure that your home stays sanitary, safe and rodent-free.








Rats prefer to stay hidden. If you see a rat in your home, it could mean a full-blown infestation. Not only can rats chew through materials, like wood and plastic, but they notoriously carry diseases that can be a danger to you and your family. Tackle your rat infestation by contacting Insecto today.

Mouse Hamptons Pest Control Insecto


When mice sneak into your home, they’ll wreak havoc before you even know it! From building nests and damaging insulation to spreading diseases and causing allergic reactions, mice and other rodents put your health at risk. Fortunately, we're here to help!

Squirrel Hamptons Pest Control Insecto


Squirrels cause major damage, both inside and outside of your home. Once inside, they can ruin insulation to make nests and chew through electrical wiring. Outside, they’re known as yard terrorists. Insecto has the solutions needed to ensure your home stays protected from squirrels.

Rat Hamptons Pest Control Insecto
Flying Squirrel Hamptons Pest Control Insecto


Flying squirrels on the east end of Long Island are more common than you’d think! And once a flying squirrel finds its way to a home, they’ll use preexisting cracks in rooflines, attics and crawl spaces as an entry point. Insecto will help resolve flying squirrel infestations and prevent future reentering.

Mole Hamptons Pest Control Insecto


Moles are the enemy of perfect lawns. Their tunneling can cause extensive damage to your property. They are active year-round; however, even more so in the fall and spring. Moles rarely leave a yard on their own unless they are deprived of their food source, insects and earthworms. As a licensed trapper, Insecto is here to help! 

Vole Hamptons Pest Control Insecto


Voles are often confused with mice but get to be a little bigger around 5 to 7 inches, and have shorter tails. Voles are vegetarians and will chow down on plants, grass, tree bark, nuts, and fruit. Unfortunately, they don’t care how hard you worked to make your yard look beautiful. Luckily, Insecto does.

Our goal at Insecto is to make you happy by providing you with phenomenal customer service and the best pest control solution services in The Hamptons. Keep your home rodent-free by contacting us today.

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